Chemotherapy-Induced Perforation of Gastric Burkitt Lymphoma; A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Shahram Bolandparvaz, Sina Jelodar, Mina Heidari Esfahani, Sam Moslemi


Burkitt lymphoma of stomach is among the most rapidly growing gastric cancersassociated with several gasterointestinal  symptoms  including  hematemesis,  anorexia,  vomiting  and  etc. Gastric perforation  in patients with Burkitt lymphoma of stomach is a very rare condition especially after chemotherapy. We herein present a 21-year old man who was kwon case of gastric Burkitt lymphoma who had undergone chemotherapy and presented with acute onset gastric pain and tenderness. He was diagnosed to suffer from perforated gastric lymphoma for which laparotomy and total gastrectomy was performed. Treatment was continued by chemotherapy. Closed observation is thus recommended for those patients with gastric Burkitt lymphoma undergoing chemotherapy.


Burkitt lymphoma; Gastric cancer; Chemotherapy; Gastric perforation; Gastrectomy

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